2-6/18+ 60 minutes high 30 Zamkavaja st., 27

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You don't understand where you are, you can't move freely. You have only seen that in the movies before, but now it's happened to you. The rules of the game are very simple: your team has an hour to overcome yourselves, fight your fears and phobias, and maybe sacrifice a member of your team in order to save the rest. Will you have enough courage? The "Saw" quest will be ideal not only for the fans of the movie saga but also for those who are afraid of spiders, blood, darkness, confined spaces, and things that happen unexpectedly. It's also great to bring along a fragile girl with you - this is a perfect chance to show that you are a truly brave person.
2-6 persons/18+
60 minutes




Zamkavaja st., 27


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