The Mummy

2-6/14+ 60 minutes high > 40 Lieanida Biady st., 29

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Another pyramid has been found in the hot sands of the Egyptian desert, and brave researchers are the first to descend into the tomb that no one has stepped into for nearly 3000 years. Be careful - ancient Egyptians protected their tombs thoroughly against robbers and prepared lots of traps and riddles. The Mummy quest will let you feel what adventure seekers feel, solve the secrets of Egyptian papyrus, avoid the ancient Pharaoh's curse and being crushed by the moving pyramid walls. This quest will be suitable for both adult and family teams. You won't find a single lock here, but watch out - the traps are quite in the spirit of ancient Egyptians.
2-6 persons/14+
60 minutes


> 40


Lieanida Biady st., 29


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