Da Vinci Code

2-6/14+ 60 minutes high 35 Zamkavaja st., 27

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Leonardo Da Vinci's secret workshop has been found in one of the basements in a castle in the south of France. What secret has been buried for hundreds of years and concealed from humanity behind its strong walls? What or who helped the great master create his masterpieces, hundreds of years ahead of their time? You will have a unique chance to learn what his secret was. The question is only whether you can escape and share this knowledge or it will stay forever in the ancient shrine. In the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, amid the unfinished inventions of the genius, you will have to solve scores of puzzles and free the captive of the philosopher's stone by closing the magic chain. But who knows, what price has to be paid for it...
2-6 persons/14+
60 minutes




Zamkavaja st., 27


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